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Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Worried about the safety of your commercial property? There are hardly any big or medium and small business houses that are not worried about protecting their business from theft and intrusion. But installing a hi-tech security system is not all. It is also essential to have commercial alarm monitoring so that help reaches you on time.

Today vandalism is caused at all levels-property as well as staff and the security system has to be doubly safe-proof to fight such destructive elements. Commercial alarm monitoring is thus the most important thing and is easily available as monitoring has always been a part and parcel of business from time immemorial.

The standard commercial alarm monitoring includes a few of these free telephone setup support, VoIP alarm monitoring and last but not the least cellular alarm monitoring. These apart, there are also 24/7 hi-tech alarm-monitoring centers. Get in touch with the nearest reliable commercial alarm monitoring center so that you do not have to wait long for assistance.

It is true that the vandalism to commercial houses is not restricted to property alone. It ranges from loss of merchandise and equipments to disclosure of personal information that you might have been trusted with by your customers. Now a commercial alarm monitoring setup would make sure that it sends a signal to the central monitoring system whenever an intrusion attempt is made. The monitoring systems run nation wide and are active round the clock. It also sends an alert to the local police station for assistance.

To activate the system, all you have to do is install a standard phone system, which can be either a wireless or wired connection. While a wired system helps you connect to the exiting wiring network, a wireless system has the advantage of being kept out of sight and thus can be installed without disturbing the work place.

It comprises a few standard equipments such as control panels, security pads, motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass break sensors and sirens. The control panel is placed out of the sight in some closet and is connected to the telephone wiring. It starts ringing whenever it detects intrusion. The employers use the security keypads. They enter the office premises only after verifying their pass code manually, or informing the central monitoring personnel. Motion detectors are sophisticated devices that give out a signal whenever they detect a change in the infrared energy levels when an trespassers are present in the area. These apart, the magnetic devices placed along the door and window frames enables the alarm whenever they are split open. The glass break sensors are very sensitive and are audible devices that trip with the breaking of the glasses. The last but not the least is the sirens. These are primarily audible devices that are activated inside and outside of the building. They sometimes are accompanied with strobe lights and thus draw attention to the infiltrator.

So without delay, fix your commercial alarm monitoring system to maximize security of your business.

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